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Kids point of view with Kara

I think that plastic is a big problem because it can kill animals in our environment. If a bird or any other animal gets its head choked in plastic it could die. As well as if it eats plastic, that could be very dangerous. I am writing a school report for all about the school's plastic utensils and how we can change that. The school would normally use metal utensils but because of Covid they have had to use plastic utensils. My project/report is trying to say that we kids can bring our at home utensils to school so that they can get reused while staying safe.

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It is true Kara that plastics are a real problem. For years humans have treated the oceans, lakes, rivers and all waterways as their private dumping grounds.

Finally we are starting to wake up, but the amount of plastic produced is enormous, causing an enormous problem. We need to get rid of single use plastic and find ways to get the plastics out of our waterways.

The good news is that finally most people are seeing this as a problem. That was not the case in the past. Now we must act

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