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Let's Talk About Climate Change!

Global warming, climate change, it's on a lot of minds now, but we don't generally talk about it very much. We talk about our work, school, the hockey game, the weather, the price of food and gas, yet all of those concerns are related to what is going on with our climate.

Well in our Drawdown group, we talk about it a lot! We aim to inform ourselves, and to encourage conversations with others to talk about it, and to become aware of ways we can reduce our own emissions. We advocate for and support government action at all levels to lower greenhouse gas emissions by making the switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources.

One of the main ways we can bring this complex subject out in the mainstream conversation is to just talk about it in relation to all those other interests and concerns that we have.

In these pages, various members will talk about their point of view on climate change.

-Teresa Ganna

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