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We can all use some GOOD NEWS, so please read on!

“Federal Government releases new policy aimed at ending international public financing for fossil fuels, next step is ending domestic financing”. The policy comes into effect on January 1, 2023 (Environmental Defence).

A takeaway from Maude Barlow’s recent book Still Hopeful, is that there is great power in the synergistic effect of the many environmental groups all over Canada, that have been pressuring the Trudeau government to halt funding to the fossil fuel industry. We have been relentless in this endeavour. It also does not hurt that Stephen Guilbeault, a lifelong environmental activist has been the Minister of Environment and Climate Change since October 26, 2021. He has had to navigate through an existing and very complex file.

Finally in December 2022 we received good news from the Trudeau government about the government keeping its promise to stop major funding to the fossil fuel industry abroad and instead support the clean energy transition. This only brings us part way there, but we have reason to be optimistic. Please see the comprehensive press release below from Environmental Defence:

— Fran Bazos, member of Climate Action Newmarket-Aurora

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