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Proposed Mission Statement: Inspired by Paul Hawken’s books, Drawdown and Regeneration, Climate Action Newmarket-Aurora seeks to engage citizens, institutions and policymakers in actionable and measurable solutions to oppose the course of catastrophic climate change as quickly, safely and equitably as possible.


Take action to:

  • Provide a collective voice to inform policy decisions at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

  • Bring together diverse people from our community for the common purpose of networking and addressing the threat posed by rapid climate change

  • Commit to more fully understand the facts around: climate related concerns and causes, climate action initiatives and opportunities for advocacy

  • Inspire the community, targeted groups and policy makers to take action on climate change

  • Expand membership to have greater capacity to do the work of CANA. 


  • CANA will focus on solutions-based climate action at the local, provincial, national and global level.

  • Climate change affects all people across the political spectrum therefore CANA shall remain non-partisan and accessible to all using politically respectful terms.

  • As CANA members, we will strive to always act with respect, integrity and demonstrate inclusivity.

  • CANA will utilize information that is science driven and based on evidence, exploration, open-mindedness and rigor.

  • Transparency builds trust and saves time. CANA will focus on creating an environment where we can communicate openly and in a timely manner, be curious to ask why and be accountable for our decisions and actions.

Mary Annaise Hegler, All We Can Save

“Walking out is not an option. We don't get to give up. This planet is the only home we'll ever have"


"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The next best time is today."
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