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Expressing your views is important. We've streamlined the process of contacting your members of parliament (MPs) by providing pre-designed email templates. Simply copy and paste the text into an email, add the appropriate recipient address along with your name and address at the bottom, and send. It couldn't be easier!


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Aside from being kind to yourself when considering what often feels like a daunting task, here are some suggestions by members of CANA of things that can be done

Bill 162 and 165



Take Action: Bill 162

We've created a letter for you. Click the read more button to review. Cut and paste the content and submit a comment on the Environmental Registry site:


Or send to your local Newmarket/Aurora MPP:

The world is transitioning away from fossil fuels for energy, and Ontario’s government is going in the opposite direction again! The Ontario Energy Board, after a year-long study involving consultations with energy experts in the field, concluded that developers, not new home purchasers, should bear the upfront cost of installing fossil gas infrastructure. In seeking to overturn the decision of the OEB, our government is once again on the wrong side of progress towards a sustainable, low emissions future. Continuing the practice of providing fossil gas hook-ups for new construction instead of providing eco-friendly and economical alternatives such as energy saving heat pumps for heating and cooling homes will leave new homeowners paying for an obsolete energy source. The Ontario government seems beholden to legacy industries, in this case Enbridge, and is not interested in encouraging new, clean energy sources that will benefit the environment as well as the economy. Resilience in a time of rapid changes to the climate demands decisions about energy and housing that are based on an understanding of best practices according to science and technology. This is yet another backwards-facing decision that will have to be reversed by a future government. Your name here



Bill 165- Emissions and Costs Up 

We've created a letter for you. Click the read more button to review. Cut and paste content and submit a comment on the Environmental Registry site:


Or send to your local Newmarket/Aurora MPP:

The government is stating with Bill 165 that the OEB’s decision to say no to amortizing the cost of further gas pipeline infrastructure for new builds is ‘rash’ and ‘could cost’ new homeowners thousands more dollars to purchase a home. The OEB thinks Enbridge and developers should pay to provide a service from which they will reap immense profit. It is also proven that air heat pumps drastically reduce energy bills, given less or no need for fossil gas, and therefore notably reducing its hold in the marketplace. This government refuses to legislate or offer wider incentives for air heat pumps to be included in new builds like the federal government has done. Since this government, energy costs have risen and will continue to do so as the marketplace comparisons show, with little to no transition to another energy source. Wind and solar are producing electricity far more cheaply than fossil gas (approximately 10 cents per kWh less). This government cancelled more of Ontario’s transition into that sector in 2018, costing us $230 million. Emissions in Ontario have increased under his watch. This is costing everyone more in insurance, property taxes, health care and food prices, as will the 413. Coincidentally, this bill is being done on the heels of the government pushing for gas plant expansions which municipalities have categorically said they will not have, increasing output from existing plants when many experts say is not needed, and the cost of energy will double because of their current plan to use fossil gas for electricity generation at least for the next 10 years when viable alternatives exist. This is the first time any Ontario government has tried to override the decision made by this independent energy oversight body while also eliminating its oversight for the future gas pipelines. The OEB’s role is to ‘protect the public and drive energy sector performance’, ‘that consumers are treated fairly and that the energy sector is reliable and sustainable’. The OEB is fulfilling its mandate and that means a significant loss of revenue for Enbridge if it doesn’t transition to cleaner energy. Fossil gas is one of the most costly sources of energy, is not considered sustainable, and is one of the worst contributors to the climate crisis through methane emissions, as will be the $12 billion 413. Costing us more in insurance, property taxes, health care and food prices. Bill 165, Keeping Costs Down Act, brings to mind the Greenbelt fiasco, except this time it is the Ontario Electricity Board’s oversight that is going to be diminished, Enbridge shareholders who prosper ($43.6 billion last year), and the real costs will continue to fall into the lap of homeowners and climate. Your name here

your say

It's time for Fresh Thinking on Ontario Energy

Copy and paste the following letter into your email


Congratulations on the Ontario government’s ‘Your Future is Electric’ initiative.  Investing in an electric auto industry and other heavy industry conversions is the right thing to do, but only if you have a carbon emissions free source of electricity.  And Ontario is going in the opposite direction with its expansion of gas plants to provide power to the electricity grid.  What does the government have against wind and solar power?  What does the government have against creating an interprovincial hydro grid (which the federal government is willing to help fund)? There are so many clean energy options that are cheaper and would build a new vibrant clean tech economy. Yet the Ontario government cancels over 700 clean energy projects and jacks up a legacy industry that will prevent us from achieving our carbon emissions reduction targets and is more expensive. 

Ontario was down to just 4% of its power being generated by gas.  It is now on its way to 23% of our power coming from gas.  Why would the Ontario government go backwards especially when new federal legislation will make new gas plants end of life by 2035, leaving the Ontario taxpayers on the hook for the contracts of these legacy companies.  Seems no matter what party is in power, Ontario taxpayers have to pay for the government's gas industry blunders.  As well, of all the possibilities for future power generation, gas plants are the most expensive. How does it make sense to proceed down this path?

It seems that the current Ontario government is beholden to legacy industries and not interested in participating in the new clean economy with all the potential it has for economic benefits to the province.  Whether it is the development industry or the gas industry,  it is the same old thinking rather than new, innovative thinking that will benefit the environment and the economy.

Please expand your fresh thinking and cancel the gas plant expansion and eliminate all gas powered energy generation and embrace the future.  Clean tech will provide good jobs and opportunities for many communities.  An interprovincial power grid will provide back up capacity and security. Together they will go a long way to reducing our carbon emissions, hopefully meeting and exceeding our targets and ensuring a possible future for our children and grandchildren.

Do the right thing as our MPP and advocate for Cabinet to cancel all gas powered energy generation.


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Say No to Gas Plants for Ontario’s electricity generation

The Ontario government is going in the wrong direction in the fight to address global warming. Download CANA's gas plant fact sheet on this important issue and take action.

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